Experience top-tier guidance from a Certified Personal Trainer in the vibrant city of San Diego

Empowering Transformations with Advantage Fitness Training

Experience top-tier guidance from a Certified Personal Trainer in the vibrant city of San Diego

Empowering Transformations with Advantage Fitness Training

Adrian Del Villar - A dedicated Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach at Advantage Fitness Training

About Adrian Del Villar

Hey there! I'm Adrian Del Villar, a dedicated personal trainer and nutrition coach passionate about helping people unleash their full potential. With a Bachelor's degree in nutrition and a plethora of certifications, including A.C.E. CPT, Precision Nutrition L1, Bioforce CCC, Landmine U L1, and USOC Olympic Weightlifting Bronze Level, I'm committed to guiding individuals toward their fitness goals.

Having achieved great success as a 24hr Master Trainer, with over 10,000 sessions serviced, and a background in Sacramento State Wrestling and Amateur MMA, I've honed my skills to create effective and transformative training programs.

Beyond the gym, my interests span combat sports like BJJ, Wrestling, Muay Thai, and Boxing, as well as exploring exciting challenges like Obstacle Course Racing. As a self-proclaimed Food Connoisseur and proud Dog Dad, I understand the importance of balancing fitness with life's pleasures.

My journey into this field began with a passion for MMA, motivating me to conduct strength and conditioning sessions at my gym. Wrestling and MMA weight-cutting experiences sparked my curiosity in nutritional science, leading me to seek healthier ways to achieve optimal performance. Following some injuries outside the gym, I shifted my focus to training others, helping them overcome obstacles and enhance their performance.

After earning my degree in nutrition and a minor in Kinesiology from Sacramento State, I became a fitness trainer at a major commercial gym. Climbing to the rank of fitness manager, I gained valuable insights into the industry. However, I soon realized the true essence of this profession lay in the relationships trainers form with their clients. Recognizing the importance of transparent information sharing, I embarked on an independent journey.

With eight years of certified personal trainer experience and over 11 years in the fitness industry, my mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve their desired results. My fitness company believes that fitness is not just about exercises; it's about embracing a holistic approach and nurturing the right mindset for lasting success. Together, we'll conquer your fitness goals, foster unshakable confidence, and adopt a life of transformation. Let's step on this incredible journey together!

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Mission Statement

Advantage Fitness Training is more than just a fitness company; we are a catalyst for transformation. Our holistic approach, encompassing mobility, strength, conditioning, mindset, and nutrition training, ensures that clients understand fitness comprehensively. We are committed to delivering genuine results for those who have struggled in the past, helping them achieve and maintain their goals.

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Advantage Fitness Training provides fitness training and nutrition counseling services clients across San Diego including Carlsbad, Mission Valley, Pacific Beach, La Jolla.